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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | 10:50 AM | 0 Strawberry

Recently.. we often heard of weight loss program..
while i was surfing the journal, i've found a journal written..

"How to evaluate weight loss programs"

the "" had listed some useful guidelines to evaluate a weight loss program..

These are some listed guidelines in the journal..

First : The essential components
of a safe and effective weight management program - participants information, qualified staffs, maintenance program, etc.

Second : Consent form - where each participants should sign a consent form witnessed by a competent adult, estimated time frames for reaching the weight goal, the actual cost of treatment, etc.

Third :
Staffing and training - qualified by education, training, and experience to provide these services, registered dietitians, dietitians or nutritionists licensed or certified by the state, etc.

Fourth : Realistic goals - reasonable and based on personal, cultural, and family weight history, not exclusively on height and weight charts or body mass index, etc.

Fifth :
Diet and nutrition - personal food plan that takes into account current eating habits, lifestyle, ethnicity and culture, energy needs, any diet prescription related to medical treatment, and potential nutrient-drug interactions, A minimum of 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,500 per day for men should be provided, etc.

Sixth : Exercise - should be considered one of the highest priorities of a weight management program, exercise component that is safe and appropriate for each participant.

Seventh :
Maintenance - should include a maintenance component for participants who reach their weight goals, maintenance of weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits.

Eighth :
Collecting program data - Definitions for the length of the weight loss and weight maintenance phases of the program, percent of all participants who completed the program, etc.

These are the guidelines that is listed. You can use these guideline before you enter any weight loss program. There are many weight loss program that only takes advantages on their participants! So, be careful and don't be overwhelmed by the programs
before you checked it!

p/s : for full guidelines, you can read through

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